Wednesday, June 28, 2017
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Why become a VA ?

Specifically the benefits of becoming a VA include: 

    • You will own your own business and have full independence.
    • You will be able to set aside the hours you wish to work and have the flexibility to take time off when you choose.
    • Your family and friends will benefit from your new availability.
    • You will be challenged by the new clients and their new requirements and find more personal fulfilment meeting these.
    • You can deduct many of the expenses that are not deductible when you work for an employer - equipment, office, mileage, etc.

Working from home has special benefits also:

    • You no longer have to commute and fight the rush hour traffic.
    • You can dress as you like for daily work, (and explain this to visiting clients!)
    • You no longer have the travel expenses, whether train/underground fares or the expense of driving to and from work.
You can have the freedom to work as a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT

Check out our FAQ's for more details.

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